Research has shown that puppies who are encouraged to experience a variety of stimuli when very young are more likely to grow up into confident, non-aggressive adult dogs who are more able to cope with any new experiences in the future. You need to take a pro-active approach by allowing your dog to meet, in a supportive, non-threatening way, other dogs and experience a wide variety of situations. These should include people – adults and children – and can be extended to other animals, traffic on the roads, public transport, buses and trains, travelling by car, anything you can think of as long as you can ensure the experience is pleasant and enjoyable

The club’s aim is to bring together, protect and develop the interests of all members and their dogs. To this end, the club organises, hosts and supports:

A well trained dog is a happy dog, who gives us all great pleasure,
He’ll walk to heel, sit and stay and come when called – what a treasure!
When strangers or friends admire your dog we hope you will explain
How, with time and effort and patience too, all dogs can be trained.
Tell them about training clubs, and what a great job they do,
By teaching people to train their dogs, to behave as we want them to.
As parents accept as natural that children should go to school,
We hope that dog owners will also follow this rule.
In the interest of dogs and society too, we want our message heard,
So please take every opportunity to Spread the Word.