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Tuesday 6 April 2021 – Dog Training Roadmap

For as long as pandemic restrictions are in effect, training is being undertaken on a limited basis in accordance with Kennel Club guidelines.

Attendance at classes is by invitation only. If you have not yet been contacted by our team, the Head Trainer or Membership Secretary will be in touch once a place is available for you.

We are currently operating a limited number of classes with a reduced number of 5 members per class. Consequently not all members can currently be accommodated every week.

Invited members who accept a place at training will be allocated a class in advance of their return.

Training will take place in accordance with the following temporary rules:

  • Only members with an allocated class will be allowed to train.
  • Members must register with the Head Trainer in front of the clubhouse  before entering the field.
  • All members and instructors must always socially distance and must follow route signage when on the field.
  • No equipment or water will be supplied by the club. Members must supply their own.
  • No refreshments, handouts or facilities will be supplied.
  • Only exercises that can be carried whilst social distancing will be taught.
  • Good citizen dog scheme tests will be suspended.
  • Dogs must always remain on a lead whilst at the training ground.
  • Only training members may attend. No spectators will be allowed.
  • Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate in training sessions.
  • There will be a marked route to/from the classes which must be used.
  • If a member misses two training sessions without informing the instructor, they will lose their place and it will be offered to another member.
  • No new memberships will be accepted until further notice.

Although we are taking every precaution possible, training will be at the member’s risk.