Covid safety

covid-19 updates


For as long as legal restrictions allow, the Club intends to run weekly training sessions up to full capacity.

Attendance at training sessions is now fully open to all members.  New applicants will continue to be placed onto the waiting list and will be invited to join the Club as soon as a training place is available for them. 

While training session capacity is no longer limited by pandemic rules, the Club may need to restrict group size due to factors such as the size of the field, the impact of overcrowding and the effectiveness of training. To facilitate effective training for all, the Head Trainer may require a member to change group for one or more sessions.

In line with the Government guidance, despite the lifting of legal restrictions, we recommend that members continue to practice Covid-safe habits whenever possible for both their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Training will continue to be at the member’s risk.

The Club will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and any relevant guidance, rules and regulations. The Club may (re)introduce additional measures as required or as deemed in the best interests of members, their pets and/or the Club’s volunteers.