The following information explains what you need to know about joining the Club.

All owners and handlers of dogs being trained at the Club must be current, paid-up members of the Club – be it Adult, Junior or Senior citizen. Membership is valid from 1 January (or date of joining if later) until 31 December annually.

  • Single membership for individuals training their dog


 Adult = £30

Junior (11-16yrs) = £20

Senior (60+yrs) = £20


 Adult = £15

Junior (11-16yrs) = £10

Senior (60yrs+) = £10

There is no December intake.

  • Associate membership – £10
    For anyone (including relatives and friends of full members) interested in joining the Club activities other than training.


For the benefit of members, the Club has taken out a third party insurance policy with Pet Plan Ltd. The premium is paid out of Club funds and the cover provided is limited to training sessions and all other Club activities. It is important that members are aware of the extent of the cover which this policy provides. As it is for third party liability only, each member and/or their dog(s) is covered for any claim which may be made against them arising from damage caused by that member and/or their dog(s) and for which they are legally liable. The insurance does not cover the first £100 of any claim. If you are the injured party, your claim is against the offending member and/or their dog(s), not the insurance company direct.

Dogs may only be trained by paid-up single members who, as such, are covered by insurance.

Any incident which is likely to give rise to a claim will be reported to the insurance company in the first instance by the Club secretary, who should be given full details of any occurrence immediately it arises. Members are strongly advised to provide similar cover themselves for periods outside those of the Club’s activities. Many will find such provision through their household insurance policy, which they should check accordingly. Those members who have purchased individual health insurance for their dog(s) may also find that third party cover is included in their policy.


Training takes place at the Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club ground. Location details are available via the ‘Visit us’ button below. Further details on training arrangements are available on our Training page. During training sessions members must follow all instructions from Trainers or Committee Members.

While the Club believes consistency is most effective when training your dog, we do allow multiple members to train a dog.* In any case, we encourage other members of your household, bubble or group to actively engage in training your dog. Observers are welcome to attend training sessions in order to understand the activities or commands that your dog learns in order to support continued training between classes. Where multiple members participate in dog training classes, each person must be a paid-up member of the Club.

* multiple member training can consist of more than one member participating in a training session together, members alternating between classes or a combination of both. Multiple members must ensure that their conduct does not negatively impact classes or other members. A responsible adult must be in attendance at all times while a junior member is participating in training sessions.


On joining or renewing your club membership, you will be asked to provide or confirm personal information including your name and contact details. You agree we may use and store the information you provide for legitimate purposes including to:

  • administer your membership
  • contact you in case of adverse or emergency situations
  • notify you of club activities
  • publicise other events, activities or items that the Committee feels would be of interest or benefit to you, other members, applicant and potential applicants.

Your personal information will be held by the Committee and disclosed to the Kennel Club where the rules of our registration require, to our service providers in order to undertake legitimate purpose activities (eg to our bank to process your membership payment or to our email host to contact you) or to other third parties when we are legally obliged. For further information about how your information is maintained and used by the Club, please contact the Secretary via email (

We restrict all classes to a maximum size to ensure a high quality of training and for the safety of all members of the Club, trainers, volunteers and members of the public. We operate a waiting list for new applicants and, depending on the current number of applicants on the list, you may not be able to start training immediately. New member intakes occur the first Sunday of every month (except December).

On receipt of a completed application form, you will be placed on our waiting list. As soon as a training place is available for you, we will invite you to pay your membership fee by the payment deadline (as stated in your invite) and confirm your start date.  On receipt of the applicable fee by the deadline, your place will be confirmed.

To keep our volunteers and members as safe as possible, we prefer payment to the Club by bank transfer. Details of the Club’s bank account will be provided to you as part of your invite.

Please ensure that your dog is fully inoculated before joining training classes. There is no minimum or maximum dog age restriction for membership. Dogs must not attend training sessions while suffering from a contagious illness or while in season. In line with general veterinary understanding (as published by the PDSA) we consider a dog in season for 4 weeks.

If you have any further questions about the club, our training or the application process, why not visit the club on any training day without your dogs to see what we do and discuss your queries with one of our volunteers – location details available via the Visit Us button below – or get in touch via the Contact Us button.

To apply for membership, click the Apply button below.

Published 15 January 2022