When and Where

Training takes place most Sundays between 3-4 pm. Location details for the training ground are available via the Visit Us button below.

Starting out

The Club invites new members to commence training on the first Sunday of each month in either our puppy or non-puppy groups.

As a new member to our club, there is a lot to take in and remember. Bear in mind those people and dogs that you see across the field in citizens class have all worked their way through each of the classes to get where they are now. Many of them will have been just like you, thinking they will never succeed. You will also see dogs doing things you feel you will never be able to get your dog to do. But do not despair, think positively and most of all enjoy your training.

At your first training session you will be provided with a puppy pack including information about our training approach and what you and your dog will be covering over the following month. 

Take things slowly. Rushing onward too quickly with training before your dog fully understands and feels confident with what you want of him can lead to him becoming confused. Situations where what you think is disobedient behaviour can sometimes mean that he does not know what is required of him. There is also suggested homework for both of you to practice. It is really important to carry on the training at home – once a week is not enough if you want to make good progress.


The Club is a recognised participant in The Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme. The objectives of this scheme – as well as teaching good, basic obedience – are to make owners of dogs aware of their responsibilities. Subjects covered include a dog’s needs, health, vehicle travel, children and the law. You will have the opportunity to take the bronze, silver & gold tests as you progress through the classes.

As long as it is safe to do so try training in different locations and environments rather than in the same place every time. This teaches the dog that he must obey your commands not just at home but in places where there may be distractions or imminent danger. Several, brief sessions during the day are a lot better than one long one (dogs become bored very quickly).


In each class you will be handed a leaflet to inform you of the expectations at the stage of training which you and your dog will be covering. Although there are of course exceptions, most dogs with calm, patient training will learn surprisingly quickly especially puppies who are very fast learners – unfortunately it is not always what we want them to learn!

We try our best to have our trainers move up the classes with members so that the relationship of trust and understanding can build up over a long period. As a result your trainer will be able to provide guidance and training best suited to your needs and abilities.

So when you have worked your way “round the field”, you are a member of the citizens’ class and your dog is now doing all those things you never thought he would, you can take a glance over the field to the beginners class and think to yourself  ‘that was us once’ and feel very proud.

Training cancellation and holidays

The club holds training sessions throughout the year and inclement weather does not usually lead to sessions being cancelled. However, severe weather in winter may, on occasions, necessitate training being cancelled. A visit to the training ground will be made to assess the conditions on days when they may be unsuitable for training. Members should assume that training is taking place unless notified otherwise by noon on the day of the training session via the Club’s website or our Facebook page.

Although training is determined on a week-by-week basis, it is more likely sessions will be cancelled in the following situations:

  • The training ground is waterlogged or frozen
  • Snow cover on the ground
  • Sub-zero temperatures
  • Persistent lightning storm near or over the training ground

Please note that, in addition, training sessions are not held at the following times throughout the year:

  • Mothering Sunday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Late Spring bank holiday
  • August bank holiday
  • Christmas & New Year

Visit our membership page for more information on joining the club.