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Dog training roadmap

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The Government has confirmed that the lockdown easing scheduled for 12 April will take place and therefore dog training sessions will resume at 3pm on 18 April as planned, subject to continuing Covid-19 safety measures as detailed below and initially will be for new members only.

As the Club has been closed to new members since lockdown restrictions first came into force last year, there is a large number of people who, during the pandemic, have become first time dog owners but have been unable to access the training offered by the Club. The Club exists to promote and support good dog behaviour and ownership and, as such, has decided that the first intake in April should be exclusively new members to try and address the needs of the growing population of owners without any training.

Existing members can utilise the knowledge and experience they have accumulated over their time as a member of the Club to continue ‘home training’ until we can accommodate more people at training sessions and welcome both new and existing members. As long as the lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted in accordance with the Government’s Roadmap, the Club expects to invite existing members to return to training from the beginning of June.

We hope existing members understand the difficult decision the Club has taken to restrict training to new members only at this time.

Further information on joining the Club is available via the ‘Join us’ button at the foot of this page.

We will publish updates should there be any change or development to the club’s plans to restart training, the renewal and new member procedures or our Covid-19 safety measures. Please ensure that you come back and check for updates before heading to the training ground.